Submission Ethics & Guidelines

Paper Submission Ethics

Authors should note that:

  • The submission must not have been previously published, nor should it be under consideration for publication elsewhere. It should not be part of a master’s dissertation, nor of a doctoral thesis. We also have a strict policy against plagiarism. All submissions will be checked by online software before being sent to reviewers.
  • CV in Arabic and in English/French/Spanish should be attached to the manuscript.
  • Authors are required to provide a complete list of references cited in their paper.
  • All papers are reviewed by a minimum of two readers.
  • It is assumed that all authors have significantly contributed to the submitted paper, if there is a co-author(s) in the submitted manuscript.
  • In case of presence of any fraudulent information in an article, its authors will be responsible for providing retractions or corrections of mistakes.
  • It is strictly prohibited to publish the same research in more than one journal.
  • Changes to authorship: this policy concerns the addition, deletion, or rearrangement of author names in the authorship of accepted manuscripts. Before the accepted manuscript is published in an online issue, requests to add or remove an author, or to rearrange the author names, must be sent to the Journal from the corresponding author of the accepted manuscript and must include: (a) the reason the name should be added or removed, or the author names rearranged and (b) written confirmation (e-mail) from all authors that they agree with the addition, removal or rearrangement. In the case of addition or removal of authors, this includes confirmation from the author being added or removed. Requests that are not sent by the corresponding author will be forwarded by the Journal to the corresponding author, who must follow the procedure as described above. Any requests to add, delete, or rearrange author names in a published article will not be taken into account.

Paper Submission Guidelines

A paper format is A4, noting that:

  • Length of paper: 2000-7.000 words are preferred. It must be in Word format.
  • In Arabic research papers the font is Simplified Arabic
  • 16 bold is for the main title; 14 bold for captions; 14 normal for the article text; 11 normal for tables and graphs; and 9 normal for summary and margins.
  • Research papers in foreign languages are written in font Times New Roman: 14 bold for the main title; 12 bold for captions; and 12 normal for the article text and page numbering, 11normal for tables and figures, 9 normal for summary and margins.
  • A bibliography enfolding key references and the references that the researcher used but did not cite should be attached to the article. Notably, the reference data should appear in its original language (foreign).
  • Articles should abide to the standards of the Almayadine Journal for footnotes, cross-references and works cited.
  • Footnoted references should be inserted in the Works Cited.
  • Works Cited should be alphabetically arranged noting that a reference data should abide to the following format:
    a) In case of periodicals:
    Name of the Author (authors). Research title. The name of the journal, volume number, issue number, page numbers, year of publication.
    b) In case of books:
    Name of the Author (authors). Book title. Publisher: Publication country, publication year.
    c) In case of a master’s dissertation or a doctoral thesis:
    Name of the Author (authors) of the research, title, mention whether it is a master’s dissertation or a PhD thesis (in italics), university name, year.
    d) In case of publications or statistics issued by an official body:
    Name of the organization, title of the report, page number, year of publication.
  • Article body should be single-spaced with margins (2.5cm) of all sides.
  • Articles should be sent to the e-mail: 
  • Articles and translations undergo a double-blind peer reviewing process by an international scientific and advisory team.
  • Authors of rejected papers are notified.
  • Authors of accepted papers are notified with the decision of the Scientific Committee and also with the approval of the editorial board for publication.
  • Accepted papers with moderate revisions are returned to the authors along with the reviewer’s notes to make the necessary revisions.
  • The Research Board is to make the necessary revisions according to the time determined by the Editorial Board.
  • A researcher whose research paper is published in Madjalate Almayadine receives a Publication Certificate, which is an official document issued by the administration of the Journal certifying that the article has been peer-reviewed.